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i just found out that a person i know tried to get high on someone else’s zoloft a couple of weeks ago and i just???? why??? why would you do that?? why would you try that with an SSRI. the first few weeks i was on zoloft i threw up every day and my mouth was dry constantly and i was incredibly bone-numbingly tired and that was all. that was literally all that happened.

don’t try to get high on SSRIs, kids. that’s just dumb. zoloft especially, because zoloft is the only SSRI that you can really overdose on with a month’s worth of pills (if your prescrip is 150-200 mg a day). but just in general, like. don’t do that. it’s dumb.

feel bad about yourself? try squeezing yourself into an overly-expensive corset you shouldn’t have bought


i just glued small, shaped, painted pieces of plastic to the ends of my fingers. that’s pretty hardcore. 

i forgot that i have to play castanets oops

i just glued small, shaped, painted pieces of plastic to the ends of my fingers. that’s pretty hardcore. 

Jamie Robertson - The Eighth Doctor's Leitmotif
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For bonnielangford, because I forgot to post this forever ago.

I really like Doctor Who leitmotifs, image songs, or dorky Doctor Who things sung by actors from the show (SEE: WHO IS DOCTOR WHO [Frazer Hines], I AM THE DOCTOR [Jon Pertwee], GALLIFREYAN BUCCANEER [Colin Baker], etc. etc. etc.).

Edit: Also it might be titled “There’s a Man I Know…” (did some poking around and ended up on Robertson’s Soundcloud).


Vincent van Gogh, Plain Near Auvers, 1890


Vincent van GoghPlain Near Auvers, 1890

What happened to your lip??

i have dermatillomania; i bit at it. i didn’t think it looked bad enough to notice on camera though??? ah well. that part of recovery is still a little rough for me. i’ll get there, it’ll heal.

kitty pillow

what a jerk


I call the character ‘dr who’ because it gives me power. people are unsettled by my choice of words. I fear nothing. I can shift your reality at will.

"There’s a reason schools teach Shakespeare instead of John Green; you make your own life, it’s not written in the stars, waiting to start until you find that person with the perfect smile"

?????//????/?????? shakespeare is largely about destiny?? in many shakespeare plays predetermination plays a huge role, either in the form of class and social standing or fate?? the fault in our stars is largely about the struggle of trying to live valuable and true lives in spite of those predetermined factors ?? the whole goddamn title of the book is a criticism of fate where the original shakespeare line is a criticism of independent self???/?? the title of the book literally says that there is a fault to be found amid our stars. that what’s written in the stars is inherently flawed. that the fault, dear brutus, is not “in ourselves, that we are underlings” 

like i agree with you. i agree that you should make your own life and not just wait for others to save you or make you into something whole. i am so about that. the whole idea of the damsel in distress waiting for the prince who has been foretold is just incredibly dumb. but your examples. and like. i’m pretty sure there are other reasons they teach shakespeare and not john green (although jg is being added to more and more curriculums). i’m pretty sure that is not the primary reason.


no but now that we’re talking about ace/aro interpretations of the Doctor and the possibility that romantic affections are an attempt to “mimic” eir human friends I feel a strong desire to talk about my favorite evidence for this

everybody makes a big deal of the tv movie kiss and how it was the first act of the sort that the Doctor did and this is just so darn notable wow

do you know what happened right after that first kiss

do you

do you remember what some of the first words out of Grace Holloway’s mouth were, to an anesthetic-addled, newly-regenerated (a state which has historically proved to be a time of imprinting and being easily influenced for the rest of a regeneration), confused Doctor who had quite literally latched onto her and followed her home like a little lost puppy dog because ey remembered her from the night before and assumed she could be a friend?

"Do that again!"

Grace I think I can understand your reaction but you realize this is all your fault like I’m pretty sure that line right there is exactly why Eight runs around kissing people for the rest of that incarnation 

the exact thought process was probably along the lines of

"Grace is helping me! Grace is a friend! I like friends! Friends are good, I’m going to assume friends know what to do b/c I’m really confused right now!

…Grace likes kisses?

Friends like kisses! Kisses must be good! Better note that one for future reference!”