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we’re becoming what we are/ collapsing stars


we’re becoming what we are/ collapsing stars

tired queer math selfies

we’re becoming what we are/ collapsing stars

we’re becoming what we are/ collapsing stars

Hey friends! I am touring University of Chicago and Oberlin next week. I would love to see some of you and hear about the school from some real actual people if you go there- I seem to remember a couple of you do?

Transgender Equality in Schools


In my school, I am not allowed to use the boys’ bathroom. I am also not supposed to use the girls’ bathroom. There is one unisex bathroom at the end of the upstairs hallway, and one in the same place downstairs(though it is technically the nurses bathroom). I am only supposed to use one of these two bathrooms, and if I must use a gendered facility, I’m supposed to use the girls’ one despite the fact that I identify as male.

I feel I am being discriminated against, and every member of the student body I’ve spoken to about this agrees with me, but apparently that’s not enough. Please sign this online petition to show the board of education that this is a real issue that needs to be addressed.

I Need Your Help

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I’d like to get as many signatures as possible. This issue is really important to me. I am a young transboy and the high school I go to is restricting me from using not only the boys’ bathroom, but also the girls’ bathroom. I’m petitioning the school board to show them that I am not the only one who thinks this is not right. Please post and sign this petition to help me in my fight to change my high school experience for all present and future transgender students.

Hey friends! I feel very strongly about this and I encourage all of you to sign this petition, reblog the post, etc. 

I’m incredibly lucky and privileged to be at the school I’m at and to have support from the administration and teachers,  and I still experience an incredible amount of dysphoria and panic and fear and stuff in regards to my position here (especially regarding bathrooms). I can hardly imagine how difficult and terrible and awful this must be here- please, please fight for this. 

my friend sabrina loaned me this book of buffy comics called ‘tales’ and it has a bunch of little tableau stories of past slayers and one of the stories is like a regency-era story that’s playing off of pride and prejudice? and that’s cool to start

but then also the slayer in that story is not the elizabeth bennet but in fact the darcy and they’ve been behaving as a man for their whole life?

and it’s written as like “the slayer crossdresses and hides to find some freedom in a world that doesn’t provide that freedom and that power to women”

but i’m definitely reading this story as an in-canon trans slayer because that’s something that i really need right now

so i had kind of a shitty morning because i went to the doctor’s office about this terrible skin thing i’ve been having and the doctor told me that it’s probably because of my new medication and basically told me i had to choose between having really bad hives for the majority of each day as triggered by heat (i live in goddamn arizona) or having debilitating chronic migraines again

but then i checked my PO box on the way home from rehearsal and there was a package addressed to me and in that package was some fucking kickass bright blue lipstick and this gorgeous lipliner pencil and now i just feel significantly better about everything especially about myself because i look like i could destroy the world this is the best thank you so much to affectionateghostie for just turning the day around


thedoctorheretohelp answered your question “I want to make one of those actor/character collages who should I make…”
maya granger probably

runa-lovegood answered your question “I want to make one of those actor/character collages who should I make…”

what maya said.


At the Harry Potter Alliance, we turn fans into heroes. We believe that we can change the world using the resources available to us and the enthusiasm we have for stories, friendships, and social good. We see this in action every day.

What we do is only possible because of the people we do it with.

Today we’ve launched Equality FTW, our annual fundraiser.

Please check it out at

We have some amazing perks this year from John Green, Hank Green, Maureen Johnson, Evanna Lynch, Team StarKid, and even J.K. Rowling.

When you support the Harry Potter Alliance, you’re supporting fan activism. You’re supporting 275 of our chapters. You’re helping to make Hogwarts real with the Granger Leadership Academy. You’re making a difference for economic, educational and LGBTQ equality.

You can learn more and donate to Equality FTW here. Spread the word. Join in.

The Weapon We Have is Love.

psst check your PO box soon


i need a version of buffy the vampire slayer that doesn’t have such a fucked up portrayal of sexual relationships

i think tom mison is nice looking and whatever but mostly i love his ichabod crane because he is a figure who i have absolutely no doubt would be respectful of gender neutral pronouns and trans identities despite being Historical. he would be like “oh yes, i recognize the need for that” and then would ask some polite questions and then would totally just integrate it into his understanding of the world and move on. i have zero of the “would this character i admire hold this weird outdated perspective that would totally alienate me in real life” feeling with sleepy hollow’s ichabod crane 

Hey. Can you point me to a source / more information about the Doctor being canonically nonbinary? I'm curious and I don't recall hearing that before.