are you ready to be strong?

Well, now that we have established how super attractive I am, I guess we should talk about how it’s totally not ever okay to tell someone that they’re fat unless you’re their doctor or someone who is in charge of helping them to make medical decisions. And even then you should be polite and helpful and generally good about that. 

Here’s the thing- all different people have all different body types (you’ve heard this before, I bet, but you could probably stand to hear it again). And all different people have different circumstances that affect their health and their weight. And those circumstances change over time. 

For a personal and not very good example- I struggle with anxiety and depression. Some weeks are a lot better than others. Last week was a bad week. One of my coping mechanisms for dealing with a bad week is to eat this certain type of candy bar that I save for bad weeks (Kinder Buenos, and they’re super delicious). I also drink hot chocolate when I am sad, and more tea than I usually do. I do these things because they legitimately make me feel better. Tea is also something that helps with my very chronic headaches when a painkiller won’t. I have gained a couple of pounds in the last week because I had a bad week with really frequent headaches. And that’s, like, totally okay.

And even if it wasn’t okay- it wouldn’t be your problem. It would be mine, and my doctor’s, and my parent’s because they’re the ones who pay the bills and such. 

Calling a person names doesn’t help. It doesn’t inspire some sort of radical change in the way they live their life. You’re not being a hero here. You’re just being a bully. And don’t pretend that you’re doing anything but that. 

Anyways, I’m going to go eat some raspberry sorbet and be really grateful for my legs that will carry me to the kitchen and my arms that will lift the spoon to my mouth and my tongue that tastes things in a nice way. 

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