are you ready to be strong?
Seriously, calm the fuck down. You're not oppressed for being asexual. Nobody's ever said anything offensive to you about your sexuality. You're just getting all worked up about nothing.

does that even exist what do you mean you don’t want to have sex don’t you want to get married don’t you want to have children don’t you want to be in a ~relationship~ have you ever even been kissed how far have you gone you just haven’t found the right man you just haven’t had good enough sex yet that just means you’re a lesbian are you just attracted to objects and not people were you raped were you abused were you sexually harassed this is just a phase this is just a call for attention you’re just too young you just haven’t developed enough you just haven’t found the right man you’re frigid you’re wrong you’re disgusting you’re going to die alone there is no such thing everyone wants to have sex are you really religious are you celibate do you have a disease what about that ad what about that movie what about that video that song that celebrity that boy hitting on you that facebook post that blog that happy mother with her baby what about those things don’t they make you uncomfortable don’t they make you feel something don’t they make you want to raise a child of your own you’re a liar you’re a fake you’re just weak you’re just scared do you have all the right parts is this a mental illness thing have you talked to your doctor do your parents know how will your parents feel when you tell them they won’t be grandparents do you get the tingles ‘down there’ do you masturbate do you have sex dreams do you ever want to do you ever have you ever will you ever you can’t wear those clothes you can’t be in a relationship you’re just attracted to fictional characters you should just read some fanfiction and get over yourself you can’t tell anyone can’t you just have sex with someone else who’s asexual you can’t have crushes or be romantically attracted to people you can only date other asexual people nobody will ever want to be with you nobody will ever believe you it’s okay if i kiss you because you’re asexual it’s okay if i touch you because you’re asexual it’s okay because you’re not attracted to me you’re broken but for god’s sake lighten up

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  13. squidsqueen said: Anon, while aces don’t face the same kind of oppression as other marginalized groups, things like abuse from family, ‘corrective’ rape, violence, and discrimination from doctors and employers are very real threats to the asexual community.
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